Virginia ranks Number 1 worst state for criminals thanks to guns and good self defense laws

National Shooters proudly serves the Northern Virginia (Nova for us locals), Maryland, and Washington D.C. community providing safe and effective firearms classes. We teach basic handgun shooting classes, carbine (AR-15) rifle classes, and entry level conceal carry self defense classes. Our programs strengthen our community from criminals who seek easy victims that won’t fight back (they don’t want to get shot anymore that you do!). A tough on crime legislature goes a long way to support law abiding citizens from the dangers of criminal activity.  While we base operations mostly out of Northern Virginia we teach our gun classes all over the country, (hence “National”). I can’t express how comforting this infographic made me feel about our state. Although, I have no clue how Washington D.C. made the list!

SOURCE: SimpliSafe

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