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Instructor Sean evaluates a Students performance with a multiple firearms rented, shooting in Northern Virginia

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Sean teaching shooting  fundamentals

National Shooters takes pride in our reputation for quality and professional, NRA certified, firearms instruction in Northern Virginia. Take a moment to read this review from one of our recent graduates of our entry level handgun shooting class, Handgun 101:

National Shooters is an exceptional firearms training company which I recommend to friends at every opportunity.

I took the First Steps Pistol Course, which was led by Sean and Matt. There were six students in the class including myself – each of us with different backgrounds. There were people like me, who had never held a pistol and had very limited experience with other firearms, some people who had their own pistols but hadn’t used them much, and one person who was very experienced with rifles but new to pistols.

I thought Sean and Matt would have a hard time keeping everyone’s attention during the classroom portion of the course because of the varying experience levels, but their instruction was very engaging and interactive. I learned a lot, but I could tell that everyone else was learning a lot too based on the questions they were asking. The second half of the classroom night involves drilling with unloaded pistols. Practicing reloading, aiming, and misfire drills in a small group setting with real pistols made a huge difference when we went to the range.

The second half of the class is a session at the NRA range in Fairfax. Demand for shooting time is high right now, but Sean and Matt got there early to get our names on the list so we wouldn’t have to wait to shoot once we arrived. I didn’t have a pistol of my own, so I rented a Glock from National Shooters for the evening.

Working with Matt, I fired over 100 rounds at varying targets at varying distances. This was my first time firing a pistol, so I knew I was making lots of mistakes, but I was there because I wanted to get better. Matt was really great about giving me the right balance of encouraging and constructive feedback.

For my first couple clips, Matt noticed that all my shots were hitting below and to the right of the target. I thought my aim was off, but Matt had me do a quick drill where I aimed the pistol with my finger off the trigger and he pulled the trigger instead. That shot was almost a bullseye – and showed us that it was my trigger pull that was throwing off my aim right before each shot. Figuring that out made a big difference in how my next clips played out, but trigger form is something I’m going to be practicing for a while.

Sean and Matt spent a lot of time in the first night talking about misfire procedures, and I’m glad they did because I had a misfire in my second to last clip. I remembered what to do (30 seconds / eject the magazine / rack it three times) but it was great having Matt coach me through that tricky and rare situation.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with National Shooters. I know all their 5 star ratings look a little suspicious, but I can assure you they are genuine. Sean and Matt started National Shooters just last year, but they’re going to do great in this business. They’re definitely going to have a repeat customer in me.

Thanks Andrew!

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