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Review of our Handgun 101 Basic Firearms Class by Carrie from Alexandria, Va

Carrie attended our NRA Certified basic handgun firearms class called Handgun 101. Her review: Wanting to be more informed and comfortable with handguns – I did some research on class options. I became interested in National Shooters based on location.

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Hunter bags 500 pound Wild Hog, need another reason to carry a firearm in the woods?

I hear it all the time… “there’s no one out there in the woods who’s going to cause you any harm,” or something along those lines. How often do we run into nature and think, “wow that animal might kill

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Talking to Law Enforcement post Self Defense should be carefully and calmly stated

The good ideas for talking to the police after a defensive gun use backed up by cases studies and practical examples. Generally speaking, you want to retain the image of the good guy defending yourself over your assailants ability to

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10 Gun Training Essentials to prepare for an outdoor shooting class or conceal carry training

Found on, The 10 Gun Training Essentials. Great stuff on having the right kit for an all day training class at a shooting range. Read up and see you all out there on the range in April and May

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Learn to shoot in one hour through our Basic Handgun Shooting Session

We’ve branched out and added a simplified basic shooting program! For interested shooters looking to just to shoot a handgun safely, meet our new class: the Basic Handgun Shooting Session. To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom

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Prepare for an Outdoor Shooting Class with the right Conceal Carry Holster, Shooting Gear, and Outdoor Equipment

Alright, please read below before asking questions on what to bring for our conceal carry and home defense class. If I just sent you the link to this blog, please read below, read all the way down to the bottom.

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