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No more excuses ladies, time to sign up for your defensive firearms training! (Video)

Shooting sports and defensive firearms training classes have seen more and more females (Instructor Lindsey, cough, cough!). Many reasons motivate female shooters to buy shooting gear and attend classes, but one things remains true, everyone deserves quality products and professional

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Review of our Handgun 101 Basic Firearms Class by Carrie from Alexandria, Va

Carrie attended our NRA Certified basic handgun firearms class called Handgun 101. Her review: Wanting to be more informed and comfortable with handguns – I did some research on class options. I became interested in National Shooters based on location.

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Hunter bags 500 pound Wild Hog, need another reason to carry a firearm in the woods?

I hear it all the time… “there’s no one out there in the woods who’s going to cause you any harm,” or something along those lines. How often do we run into nature and think, “wow that animal might kill

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The Importance of being prepared with Training and the right Kit

A reason to bring a medical kit on your outdoor activities and shooting classes. Glad his buddy survived, could have been way worse.

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Talking to Law Enforcement post Self Defense should be carefully and calmly stated

The good ideas for talking to the police after a defensive gun use backed up by cases studies and practical examples. Generally speaking, you want to retain the image of the good guy defending yourself over your assailants ability to

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Meet the car emergency kit for when nature or bad drivers block the road ahead

“Bad things don’t happen to around here.” Yeah… Uh thanks for the heads up into your fantasy world but simply not having ever been stranded roadside doesn’t mean that we should avoid whats possible. Most of our students leave our

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