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Illinois Conceal Carry Applications Overwhelmingly Outpace Obamacare Enrollment

Background: Illinois recently enacted their own version of a conceal carry law, they are the last state to do so. I do not intend to dive into politics but I think this story highlights the increasing trend of citizen willingness

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A Gun Store in Arlington Virginia with Great Customer Service!

Just opened, a GUN STORE IN ARLINGTON VIRGINIA! That’s right shooters, get your firearms instruction, conceal carry permits, handgun samplers with National Shooters, and gear up with local business Spec Dive Tactical. Company description: SpecDive Tactical (SDT) is a full

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Thinking about renting guns in Northern Virginia to purchase your first handgun? Meet the Sampler

No amount of reading or watching YouTube videos will prepare you for shooting a gun for the first time. Nothing, not even this post, can simulate the tactile thrill of putting a pistol in your hand, pointing it downrange, and

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Purchasing the Right Firearm

“Buy Once, Cry Once” As a first time buyer, purchasing a firearm for self defense, hunting, collecting, or target shooting requires considering many factors. Proper evaluation of your needs, budgets, intended use, and personal preferences help to evaluate the seemingly

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