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Multiple Handgun Sampler shooting sessions added for February and March

Finding Northern Virginia Based handgun rentals is easy. Find multiple rentals during the same shooting hour WITH a certified firearms instructor is not. Renting a gun will only teach a shooter so much. Take your experience further with the Multiple

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Next Big thing in the shooting world: Women Gun owners

We all deserve the right tools for self defense. Be that pepper spray, knives, guns, purses, or whatever get the job done so we go home safe at night. Its no secret though that for years the industry marketed and

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Instructor Sean’s Every Day Gear for Conceal Carry and everyday problem solving

Above. Instructor Sean’s everyday carry gear. As listed: A Glock 17 with Surefire X300 One spare mag Suunto Core Watch CRKT M-16 knife Streamlight 2L iPhone Leatherman Multitool (airport friendly) Swisstech Multitool key (airport friendly) Individual gear profiles in the

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Day Time Armed Robbery in Arlington, Crystal City shows Crime Occurs Anywhere at Anytime

Can’t stress enough that “crime occurs anywhere at anytime.” No to be paranoid… but criminals take any target that looks good to them. Distracted pedestrians buried on their iPhones, passengers zoned out on buses, restaurants patrons, drivers pumping gas are

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Criminals practice, train, study, and experience violence more than you, how do you prepare?

On the macro or micro scale, it doesn’t matter, the same rules apply invading a country as they do invading your Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. neighborhood. Speed, surprise, and violence of action work. Criminals study their professions. The FBI reports

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A Review of our Handgun 101 Entry Level NRA Certified Class by Brian from Washtington D.C.

Review from our Handgun 101 class from “Brian” from the Washington D.C. area. Thank you Brian for the excellent write up! We look forward to keeping our high standards and supporting the growing community of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. 

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