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No more excuses ladies, time to sign up for your defensive firearms training! (Video)

Shooting sports and defensive firearms training classes have seen more and more females (Instructor Lindsey, cough, cough!). Many reasons motivate female shooters to buy shooting gear and attend classes, but one things remains true, everyone deserves quality products and professional

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Hunter bags 500 pound Wild Hog, need another reason to carry a firearm in the woods?

I hear it all the time… “there’s no one out there in the woods who’s going to cause you any harm,” or something along those lines. How often do we run into nature and think, “wow that animal might kill

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Review: Elizabeth from Falls Church, VA reviews our Entry Level firearms class, Handgun 101

She writes: I chose this group based on the reviews, and the reviews don’t lie. A 101 course is very helpful in learning everything you need to know about safety, owning a gun, handling a gun, etc. My course was

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Review: Tactical First Aid Class for Conceal Carriers and Outdoor Adventurers

I LOATHE classroom instruction. I need field training. But honestly, some programs require classroom training. Like our entry level firearms classes in Northern Virginia. Our Handgun 101 and Armed Self Defense Training Day for conceal carry and home defense both

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Day Time Armed Robbery in Arlington, Crystal City shows Crime Occurs Anywhere at Anytime

Can’t stress enough that “crime occurs anywhere at anytime.” No to be paranoid… but criminals take any target that looks good to them. Distracted pedestrians buried on their iPhones, passengers zoned out on buses, restaurants patrons, drivers pumping gas are

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Entry Level Beginners Conceal Carry and Home Defense Classes Scheduled

Major changes in 2014 for our Armed Self Defense training program for learning the basics of conceal carry and home defense. Yes, I know its cold and rainy right now. But lets think happy thoughts… warmer weather and outdoor shooting

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