Firearms training needs than paper targets

Found this interesting report about our Arlington Country Police Department hoping to find a new outdoor shooting facility in Northern Virginia. They specifically mentioned how static range shooting fails to fully prepare their police officers for the typical engagements they might face on the streets. National Shooters in no way expects conceal carrying citizens to face any of the same threats as the police, but the fundamental fact that static range shooting fails to fully prepare shooters still stands.

“People think that when you qualify with a firearm, you go and shoot at a paper target. Technically, you could meet the minimum state qualifications by shooting at a paper target, but that by no means trains your staff for the situations they need to be ready for,” Farr said. “Less than 10 percent of total time on the range focuses on the core minimum of shooting at a paper target. Ninety percent of the time we focus on tactical and response training. We do a lot of things like coming out of a vehicle and running to certain points. Those things are totally impossible in an enclosed facility.”

Your Virginia conceal carry permit only allows you carry a firearm in public, but that does not mean you know how to use for firearm for self defense. Shooters should constantly seek quality, professional, and experience firearms training to advance and improve their understanding and skills for armed self defense.

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