Review: Tactical First Aid Class for Conceal Carriers and Outdoor Adventurers


Instructor Lindsey showing off  new medical skills with a self placed tourniquet.

I LOATHE classroom instruction. I need field training. But honestly, some programs require classroom training. Like our entry level firearms classes in Northern Virginia. Our Handgun 101 and Armed Self Defense Training Day for conceal carry and home defense both have a classroom session. Why? it provides context for the training. More information passes through in the classroom than you think. BUT we need range time to reinforce learned materials. Welcome to Active Response Trainings Tactical First Aid taught by Greg Ellifritz. In short… well worth your time if you have concerns about caring for traumatic injuries and some other worldly events like natural distastes and other prolonged disruptions in civilized society (L.A. Riots, Chris Christie as a traffic controller, Hurricane Katrina etc).

I attended the class with Instructor Lindsey to freshen up our medical skills. We spend an enormous amount of time camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, traveling, etc. where traditional medical services do not always avail themselves to instant attention. Heck, when I MANventure… I just assume that my cell phone won’t work where I am headed, and it normally never does (Don’t tell Instructor Lindsey otherwise). We needed the class. More than I knew until after it was over.

Bottom line: Learned new skills, expanded others, learned to hate the FDA/USDA, and made an excellent light weight travel trauma kit. (post inbound)

Protip: His facebook page and blog provides great resources for conceal carry persons and general emergency readiness.

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