Review of our Handgun 101 Basic Firearms Class by Carrie from Alexandria, Va

Carrie attended our NRA Certified basic handgun firearms class called Handgun 101. Her review:

Wanting to be more informed and comfortable with handguns – I did some research on class options. I became interested in National Shooters based on location. But, their prompt and detailed to responses to my questions on the courses etc.. sold me. I knew I wanted to take a class to get more comfortable, learn the basics and get some practice/range time. Sean asked questions about my needs so could suggest the right class/training.

I took the Handgun Intro Class – which was a little over 3 hours. I left their with a better understanding of the guns themselves, how they work and how to handle them safely .

Sean and Matt were great teachers. Clear, safe and patient.

Thanks guys!

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