Review of our Entry Level Shooting Class (Handgun 101) by Ivan from Washington, D.C.

Not many people think of Northern, Virginia and the surrounding area as gun friendly. Especially with all the shootings in Washington D.C. (wait guns are illegal there right? Guess not.). Due to the high volume of consumer traffic in Northern Virginia most businesses skip on customer service and quality of product. Not National Shooters. We strive to earn your support through professional and certified (NRA Certified) firearms classes.

Thank you Ivan from Washington, D.C. for the yelp review on our Handgun 101 shooting class. Most students are surprised to find out how many instructors assist in hosting our Handgun 101 class (normally 1 teacher to every 3 students, or less). We aim to keep class sizes small to ensure the highest degree of safety and maximize the learning experience.

“Handguns 101 – Awesome class.  Very personable, as there were only seven total students and THREE instructors (Sean, Brian and Lindsey).  They made it totally fun, as well…lots of smiles and lighthearted humor mixed with serious discussions and topics about firearms, handling, safety and statistics.

Class is divided into two parts:  first one was in a classroom setting; second will be at the shooting range tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

My only gripe is that the classroom was a little bit crowded, even with a total of 10 people inside.  Was a little bit awkward moving around doing the hands-on training…but wasn’t too bad. It worked.

Overall excellent class….lots of fun.  Would definitely recommend to my friends and co-workers.”

Tight Groups Shooters!

Instructor Sean 
Director of Training
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