A Review on our Armed Self Defense Conceal Carry Class

Virginia has a great conceal carry handgun permit process, its fairly quick and painless when compared to other states (Maryland cough cough). However, being legally allowed to carry a firearm for self defense does not mean you know about deadly force laws, common criminal tactics, effective mitigation strategies, and safely manipulating a firearm from the holster. These are the founding topics we teach and practice in our Armed Self Defense Fundamentals Program, as well as firearm manipulation.


Instructor Sean oversees two students shooting for self defense in their Conceal Carry Class held at a private range in Northern Virginia.

National Shooters designed our Armed Self Defense program as an entry level conceal carry class for shooters who have already completed a basic handgun class or who already understand entry level firearms ownership standards including marksmanship. This class satisfies Virginia’s conceal carry permit training requirement.

From our last class, a student took the time to write a great review on the class and what to expect through our program:

So I took the Armed Self-Defense Fundamentals course with a friend who is looking to obtain his Virginia Concealed Carry Permit.  (FYI: Many of their courses satisfy Virginia’s training requirement for a Concealed Carry Permit.)  We wound up choosing National Shooters based upon their positive Yelp reviews and quick response time regarding class scheduling.

The first night of this two-night course occurred at an apartment clubhouse. This was a little unexpected, however it didn’t really interfere with the content.  The class started off by an introduction of the instructors, Sean and Matt, who are both certified NRA instructors, and then went right into the teaching portion of the course.  Much like karate, using a gun in a confrontation is a situation one should never hope to encounter.  The instructors belabor this point.  If the situation should ever arise though, at least the student can feel slightly prepared (because action movies aren’t a good teaching resource).  Both the instructors seems comfortable and confident handling firearms.  After verbal instruction and demonstrations, the instructors had the students engage in mock gun-safety and situational drills.  As someone with some familiarity with guns beforehand, I can attest that committing these techniques to muscle memory cannot be emphasized enough, and it was nice to see the instructors committed in seeing these skills ingrained in their students in a supportive manner.  They also seemed more than willing to answer any and all questions and even offered to stay late with students to assist with practicing.   

The second night consists of a visit to the NRA range in Fairfax, where the students received personalized instruction on identifying threats and how to safely fire.  I guess the only downside I have about this course is that it doesn’t adequately recreate the high-stress environment that real situation would cause. Though as this only an introductory course, a more advanced course would probably be in order.  

So basically, these guys really seemed passionate about imparting their knowledge to their students.  I would recommend this National Shooters course to not only those interested in guns for self-defense, but also those who are apprehensive around guns.  In this environment, those individuals can learn  directly from responsible gun owners, and perhaps, just perhaps, have their preconceived notions changed.

Virgina’s conceal carry laws support the law abiding citizen who wants to carry a firearm for self defense. We live in a ‘shall issue’ state, which means that unless you are legally disallowed from owning a firearm the state must issue you a conceal carry permit. Unlike Maryland (and several other anti-freedom states), where even though you’re law abiding, you need to have an overwhelming reason for the states permission to carry a firearm for self defense.

We are proud of our review and look forward to continuing the training!

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