Handgun Sampler


Its not about renting guns, but renting the right handguns to find the one that fits you the best.

For shooters finding themselves confused with the seemingly hundreds of handgun choices, our Handgun Sampler package serves to eliminate much of the commonly found frustration with pistol shopping. The Handgun Sampler will identify the unique personal preferences of each individual shooter within one hour of time with our instructors at the shooting range. The five (5) firearms we have selected contain a combination of  features, ergonomics, and action style each shooter prefers.

Our Handgun Sampler Program provides the opportunity not only to rent at least five (5) different handguns but to do so while being guided by our certified NRA firearms instructors who will cover the unique characteristics of each firearm as well as how each one is deployed defensively. You will quickly learn the features, ergonomics, and action style you prefer.

Course Outline

National Shooters meet students at a prearranged time (see below) at the NRA Range in Fairfax Virginia for a one (1) hour shooting session. At the range, firearms Instructors will place the firearms rentals on the table and conduct an information session with a shooting segment for each firearm.

Be sure to skim our purchasing a firearm write up to learn more about choosing the right firearm for first time shoppers.

Students will evaluate the following:

  • Double/single action style trigger vs Single action (or Glock style)
  • Steel vs. Polymer frames
  • 9 mm vs. 40 caliber preferences, and recoil management
  • External safety advantages and disadvantages
  • Full size vs. Subcompact


Costs & Time:

  • Tuition: $75/person (limit one person per shooting session)
  • Time: one (1) hr

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