Conceal Carry and Home Defense

Our basic conceal carry and home defense class, called Armed Self Defense Training Day, provides students with a foundation of common everyday criminal threats and effective mitigation strategies, while armed, to reduce exposure and if necessary take immediate legal lethal action. Perfect for shooters with limited firearms experience who seek a structured and safe training program at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia. Students may arrive without prior training because we provide a basic handgun manipulation and marksmanship segment. Please contact us if you are unsure if this class works for you. This program satisfies the Virginia State Conceal Carry Handgun Permit Requirements (CHP).

Program Outline

  • Virginia Deadly Force Law
  • Virginia Concealed Handgun Statues
  • Local and National Criminal Tradecraft
  • Threat Identification & Mitigation Tactics
  • Tactical considerations of employing lethal force with a firearm
  • Gear set up for everyday Conceal Carry
  • Basic Handgun Manipulations
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals for Marksmanship
  • Drawing a firearm from concealment
  • Dry fire drills for at home practice
  • Self Defense Shooting drills at distances between 3-13 yards
  • Shooting while moving
  • Malfunctions clearance techniques
  • Speed Reloads
  • Use of Cover vs. Concealment
  • An Airsoft force on force shooting session (***New for 2014***)

*The airsoft session is a 100{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} voluntary segment and not required for completion of the program.

Gear Requirements:

A reliable firearm with a sturdy holsterBLACKHAWK! Serpa holsters, collapsible nylon or leather, and cross-draw holsters are NOT allowed!
Three (3) serviceable magazine & One double magazine holster – If your firearm holds less than 10 rounds please bring more. Pants pockets do not work as a magazine hoslter
200 rounds of quality, minimum (300 preferred) – Renters have to buy ammo from National Shooters
Good pants with a firm belt – Belt must feed through pant loops. no yoga pants
Quality Eye & Ear Protection – Electronic preferred
Hydration, lunch, snacks for an entire day, one gallon per person is preferred
Seasonal clothing – long pants recommended
Rain Gear – uppers and lowers

Click here for National Shooters Gear Recommendations

Rentals: $35/shooterincludes a Handgun, Holster, and Magazine Carrier (Renters must purchase ammo through National Shooters)

Location, Costs, & Time:

Shooters on the line during our Conceal Carry and Home Defense Class held at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia

8:00AM meeting location: Marriott Hotel parking lot 300 Marriott Dr, Winchester, VA 22603

  • Students will depart the range no later than 5:00PM

Tuition: $150/shooter (does not include rentals, ammunition, and taxes)

  • Deposit: $75 (non-refundable)
  • Balance: cash only
  • Tuition does not include a $35 range fee


Registration below:

Click on Event Name for description/registration

Cancellation Policy:

Weather: Class occurs rain or shine
Failure to meet class size minimum: students may apply deposits to another class or full refund
Student cancellation: deposits are non-refundable and may not be moved to another class

Student Reviews:


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