Located in Northern Virginia National Shooters serves the communities of Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Springfield, Mclean, Tysons Corner, and the surrounding Washington D.C. areas. We will assist shooters looking for basic handgun classes, their Virginia State Conceal Carry Permit, and counseling on purchasing firearms, ammunition, and accessories. See the list below for the right shooting class for you and your training goals.

Handgun 101 Entry Level Firearms Instruction


Entry Level Handgun Instruction for new or prospective handgun owners less experienced with firearms looking to a holistic program covering basic manipulation, ownership, storage, shooting fundamentals, and cleaning of firearms.

Includes Classroom (3hrs) and Shooting Session (1hr)

Class Reviews

Basic Handgun Shooting Session

Sheila Shoot

Entry Level Handgun shooting session at a local Northern Virginia range. Shooting session covers, range conduct, handgun manipulation, and marksmanship. For new shooters and others looking to improve current skills.

One one hour (1) Shooting Session

 Handgun Sampler for Multiple Handgun Rental

National shooters sample program allows shooters to rent up to five firearms to test fire in Northern Viginia

Multiple handgun rental program in Northern Virginia includes handgun rental as well as professional Instruction during a one hour shooting session. Students should have of basic shooting and manipulation skills through prior experience or classes.

One one hour (1) Shooting Session

Armed Self Defense Training Day


Our Basic Conceal Carry and Home defense class. No prior experience or training required. Students should be comfortable around firearms. Class best serves students seeking education and training for defensive tactics with firearms.

Includes Classroom and Shooting Session, 8hrs total

Introduction to the AR-15 Carbine Rifle


A one hour shooting session for prospective AR-15 or equivalent system owners. Shooting session covers basic manipulation and marksmanship. Perfect for new owners looking to learn basic carbine shooting skills.

One one hour (1) Shooting Session

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