Prepare for an Outdoor Shooting Class with the right Conceal Carry Holster, Shooting Gear, and Outdoor Equipment

Alright, please read below before asking questions on what to bring for our conceal carry and home defense class. If I just sent you the link to this blog, please read below, read all the way down to the bottom. We will have class rain or shine, outside all day, so plan accordingly. I highly recommended a change of clothing on hand in the event it’s needed. Obviously avoid bringing gear you don’t need but have extras of socks, pants, food, and water cause you never know what might happen in the great outdoors. Please remember below lists the equipment that each and every shooter will need.


Instructor Sean’s kit for self defense training and basic conceal carry classes. Pay no attention to the dogs, you shouldn’t bring your dogsIgnore the dogs pictured, they are not necessary for shooting classes

A quality and clean firearm with a good holster – BLACKHAWK! Serpa holsters, collapsible nylon, collapsible leather, and cross-draw holsters are NOT allowed

Three (3) serviceable magazines with a dual magazine carrier

  • Students must come to the shooting line prepared to shoot at least 40 shots without having to reload
  • Students with magazines holding less than 10 rounds will need to bring more than 3 magazines
  • Magazine holster we recommend the BlackHawk dual magazine pouch for simple and inexpensive

Ammo: 200 minimum, 300 ideal – Renters must buy ammo from National Shooters, sold at market rate

We provide Renters a firearm, holster, 3 magazines, and a magazine holster, ammo sold separately.

Quality ear protection (electronic preferred) – Electronic blocks out the bad sounds like gun fire but allows you to hear the instructors

  • Option 1 – Howard Leight – most economical electronic pair
  • Option 2 – Surefire EP3 – high quality ear plugs
  • Protip: electronic ears only work when turned on
  • Bring extra batteries for your electronic ears

Good eye protection – Regular Sunglasses work great but also have clear lensesĀ  in case of rain

Outdoors pants with a firm belt – No yoga pants, belt must feed through pant loops

Hydration, Lunch, & Snacks – Shooting classes require many hours of standing and moving around, have energy and water (one gallon per person)

  • We use a primitive range with no running water, bring one gallon of water per person

Rain jacket & Rain Paints (we train rain or shine) – Home Depot has cheap rain pants that are single use

Seasonal Clothing

A folding chair (optional) – during breaks you will want somewhere to sit


Instructor Sean’s load out for a conceal carry or firearms class includes everything you see photoed here.


Instructor Sean’s kit packs tight for easy travel and retrieval when needed.


Conceal carry and home defense situations arise in all weather, as such, that’s how we train. Pending dangerous weather patterns, plan to be outside rain or shine. Gear for inclement weather.


Using a medium sized backpack Instructor Sean has all essential and optional gear packed tight and light for a full day at the range, rain or shine!

See you on the range shooters!

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