Next Big thing in the shooting world: Women Gun owners


Instructor Lindsey of National Shooters in Northern Virginia specializes in conceal carry and entry level class instruction geared towards female shooters

We all deserve the right tools for self defense. Be that pepper spray, knives, guns, purses, or whatever get the job done so we go home safe at night. Its no secret though that for years the industry marketed and produced products ignoring the individual needs for female shooters. Well that’s changed. From altered ergonomics with smaller grips and easier to reach controls, to yes “pretty” colors, the firearms industry finally caught up to the needs of a lady. As reported from

“We didn’t just want to take a gun and slap a pretty color on it,” said Sharon Lacy, a designer for European American Armory, which has a unit, Pavona Arms, aimed at women. Those guns feature smaller grips, and a firing mechanism that doesn’t require as much strength as burlier handguns.

Nearly 80{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} of gun retailers reported an increase in female customers in 2012, the most recent figures from the NSSF. In Florida, 22{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} of the concealed carry permits are held by women. In Texas, women hold 28{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} of concealed carry permits, up sevenfold in the last 10 years.

Now you have the gear… time to get the training.

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