An Emergency First Aid Kit for Range time, Conceal Carry Classes, and Outdoor Adventures

After attending the Tactical First Aid Class by Active Response Training … I knew it was time to get a trauma medical kit made. I spend too much time off in the woods without cell service and now I have the knowledge and skills. I’m out of excuses. Off to AMAZON for their amazing prices and shipping (do you prime?).


Instructor Sean’s trauma medical kit for conceal carry, shooting classes, home medical needs, and outdoor adventures. Light weight and compact this kit is even TSA friendly.

In class we learned a lot about how to apply care, where to buy the supplies, and tips and tricks for cost savings. This kit weighs little, will sustain a traumatically injured patient for up to 24 hours if needed, and TSA will allow it in a carry on. The kit contains the following:

  • Two tourniquets (one SOF-T and one TK4)
  • Combat Gauze with quick clot
  • One Israeli pressure bandage (or H bandage)
  • One flexible wrap
  • 4 feet of duct tape
  • One nose trumpet for getting air from the nose to the lungs when obstructions in the mouth block breathing
  • One chest decompression needle
  • 3 sets of non-latex gloves
  • 1 bottle of iodine tabs for clean water, never know when and where dehydration will find you
  • 1 one oz of hand sanitizer
  • 1 pack of gauze for other non life threatening bleeding injuries
  • band aides, antiseptic wipes, and other small wound treatments
  • Update: I added 4 chem lights for additional lighting if working in dark environments

If you’re like me and TOTALLY confused where to get this stuff and why you need it, TAKE A CLASS.  If a traumatic situation arises, this trauma kit could sustain an injury for 24 hours while all parties would work to find more professional assistance. If necessary, this kit can be used (with professional care) to sustain patients for several days if traditional medical services were unavailable.


Weighing in at under two pounds this kit will serve a 4 person team on a backwoods adventure for a weeks trip.


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