Learn to shoot in one hour through our Basic Handgun Shooting Session

We’ve branched out and added a simplified basic shooting program! For interested shooters looking to just to shoot a handgun safely, meet our new class: the Basic Handgun Shooting Session. To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will set up a time at the NRA Range in Fairfax Virginia for our shooting session, its conveniently located in Northern Virginia

Whats the difference between this Basic Handgun Shooting Session and our Handgun 101 Program? In short, a lot. We cover ownership, cleaning, storage, purchasing, range etiquette, in depth understanding of the shooting fundamentals, handgun manipulation, marksmanship, and basic self defense law in Handgun 101 class. In our Basic handgun shooting session, its just one hour at the range with a certified shooting instructor to learn handgun manipulation and marksmanship. The deciding factor should be if you plan to own a firearm or are a new gun owner who didn’t grow up with firearms, take the Handgun 101 class. Looking for a life experience, or want to teach a friend, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, late night texting friend, etc. to shoot, go with the Basic Handgun Shooting Session.

If you just want to shoot a gun, select the Basic Handgun Shooting Session today.

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