Hunter bags 500 pound Wild Hog, need another reason to carry a firearm in the woods?

I hear it all the time… “there’s no one out there in the woods who’s going to cause you any harm,” or something along those lines. How often do we run into nature and think, “wow that animal might kill me…” Not very. Mostly, because I only see deer, bunnies, neighbors dogs, Miley Cyrus dressed in bear outfits, or the occasional snake. That nature doesn’t scare me. Though, I always conceal carry (some times open carry) a firearm when in the great outdoors, because well, you never know when you might find a 500 pound wild hog while camping or backpacking in the North Carolina woods! I’d like to have a much larger firearm than my daily carry if we ever met, but I’d take anything over nothing at that point. Picture below. Remember, where there’s one…. there’s two… another hog this size lives out there somewhere.

Jett Webb with the 500-pound boar he caught last month. (White Oak Ranch Hunting Club)


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