High Demand for Female Gun Instructors and We have one of the best!

Well look what we have here, CNN notices local firearm businesses and the high demand for female firearms instructors. Last years increasing demand for firearms has led way for more training from certified firearms instructors and guess who has one of the best looking and most qualified female instructors?! That’s right, National Shooters Instructor Lindsey (also my wife) has received hundreds of hours of professional defensive firearm instruction and has trained many entry level classes here with National Shooters.


Instructor Lindsey of National Shooters in Northern Virginia works with a female student in our entry level firearms class

Reach out to Lindsey(AT)NationalShooters.com or contact us through the site for information regarding our NRA certified basic shooting classes (Handgun 101) or our entry level conceal carry and home defense program (Armed Self Defense Training Day).

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