Gun Stores in Arlington, Happy New Year, and New Conceal Carry/Home Defense classes for 2014

Thank You for Continued Business Support

A recession still grinds our economy and we know hard work earned your paychecks. Thank you for trusting National Shooters with your firearms training! Many reasons motivated you all to begin learning about firearms, we don’t judge, we just aim to deliver the highest level of quality instruction. So here’s the 2014 updates:

Now Offering: Armed Self Defense Training Day at a Private Outdoor Shooting Range

This past October National Shooters hosted our Armed Self Defense Fundamentals program at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia in a full day program. Students and Instructors thoroughly enjoyed the weekend training! Stay tuned for a proper class announcement for our new Armed Self Defense Training Day. But if you’ve been eying our program keep April 12th free.

Read the Full Class Description Here

A gun store in Arlington, Virginia?!

Spec Dive Tactical opened late 2013 in Shirlington. Jerry Rapp owner of Spec Dive Tactical, the only gun store in Arlington, Virginia, quickly answers phone calls, texts, and emails so blast away! Bonus information: National Shooters alumni receive a 10{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} on firearms purchases, and those who purchase from Spec Dive receive a 10{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} discount on training with National Shooters (WINNING!). Check them out today! Don’t forget to let the Handgun sampler guide your purchase decisions.

Tactical First Aid Classes by Active Response

On February 2nd 2014 FPF Training will host Active Response Instructor Greg Ellifritz. Read this class announcement on our blog page.

Read the Full Class Description Here 

Ammo Prices are Collapsing

Winter sucks for training. Its cold and well its cold. Staying at home with a tall glass of bourbon calls more strongly to most Irishmen (both in the summer and winter) but we still need to practice twice a month, criminals train that often. National Shooters monitors daily ammo prices on and and the trend over the last few weeks: Ammo prices fall more and more everyday. Hopefully the great ammo panic is over, so get out and train!


Keep up on those New Years resolutions!


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