Handgun 101 Review by Johanna H. of Bethesda Md.

Johanna attended out basic handgun shooting class in April, she writes:

I took the Handgun 101 class for two reasons: 1) because I had this overwhelmingly paralyzing fear of guns.  The mere THOUGHT of even getting near a gun would almost cause me to hyperventilate; and 2) to support my friends Sean and Lindsey with their business.  I have been one of those people that have understood and respected the awesome power of a gun.  And maybe that’s why I feared them so much.  I was one of those people that saw them as death machines and not something to aide me in my right to self preservation.  

The coolest thing about their class (broken up into 2 sessions with the first session being the one that teaches you the ins and outs of guns, how to handle them safely and the different laws around the country when it comes to conceal and carry; and the 2nd session at the shooting range) is that is was small (there were only 4 of us and two instructors) so it was intimate and allowed all of us to ask questions.  Sean led most of the instruction with a really great presentation of all aspects of gun handling backed up with facts and videos.  He was personable, lighthearted when appropriate and serious when it came to issues like safety.  The drills they had us run in class helped put all my fears about guns to ease.  Lindsey was fantastic – always asking if I was comfortable with certain drills and making sure I was before moving on to other things. They debunked a lot of Hollywood myths that I believed in.  We had a laser target practice and Sean was awesome in helping me get my line of sight correct and to the point where I was comfortable aiming right at the target.  After hitting the bullseye 3 times in a row I felt like I could tackle the range with a little more ease.

We hit the range tonight and I will admit that I was scared out of my mind.  Sudden loud noises aren’t exactly my cup of tea and being able to hear gun firing through almost sound proof glass had me panicking.  Thank God for Suzy – an 83 year old sweet spunky woman who took the class with me.  Bless her soul for calming me down.  We entered the range and Sean was nice enough to give me his set of ear muffs.  Definitely helped muffle the loud noises I’m just not used to hearing.  Sean made me go first (much to my dismay).  I can’t remember the last time I was so shaky.  Sean was great.  He was kind, gentle and incredibly encouraging and helped me take deep breaths.  After I fired that first shot (wasn’t expecting that much recoil) I almost put the gun down and walked away.  I was THAT scared.  Okay, fine, I will admit it: I almost cried too. Sean calmed me down and the rest of the session was taking a lot of deep breaths, hearing a lot of positive praise and getting a lot of encouragement.  All things a newbie needed.  If you need anymore reassurance as to how great of an instructor Sean is, let’s just say I hit bullseye after bullseye after bullseye (which I could post a picture of my target sheet here. lol)

In short: I’m no longer a freaked out chick who is terrified of guns; I’m a well informed citizen who will not hesitate to go back to the range to learn more….and I’ll do it with National Shooters again without even thinking about it!

Thank you Jo for trusting National Shooters! Looking forward to seeing you at the range more often.

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