Handgun 101: What to Expect at the Range


Basic Shooting Classes require live firing. Student learning basic handgun skills at a range in Northern Virginia

Part 2 of our Handgun 101 Basic Firearms Class: Range time.

At the range we use the skills learned in the classroom to safely operate our firearms. National Shooters uses the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) range located at 11250 Waples Mill Rd in Fairfax,VA. This range boasts as one of the safest and most clean. Professional hawk-eyed range instructors walk the shooting line ensuring proper safe gun handling.

National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Shooting Range sits conveniently in Northern Virginia off of Interstate 66

Arrival. National Shooters Instructors arrive hours before your scheduled shooting session to arrange your shooting time and minimize any waiting. Greeting you as you arrive they guide new shooters through the registration process and stand by you in case any questions arise.

Range rules. Before shooting you take an open-book test to teach you  the range rules and proper firearm handling technique. Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) grade the tests on site. Its a 100{6883e594fb8b7bad6b7f8c897daa344b41a79fffce424c2b1265916100575423} pass rate, don’t worry. Now its time to shoot, so grab earplugs and some safety eye wear and you’re ready to start shooting. (Hint: Free ear and eye rentals at the NRA Range.)

Guns are LOUD. Much louder than you’ll expect because of misconceptions pushed by Hollywood. Gunshots sound louder than jet engines and cause immediate hearing damage without ear protection. Oh and gun powder smells like the Fourth of July. And if this is your first time to a range don’t be surprised to see so many men and women carrying firearms of all shapes and sizes.

National Shooters Instructors walk students through each step of the beginners shooting process slowly and deliberately to ensure your safety. Start with basic marksmanship drills, like loading the magazine into your pistol, disengaging the safety, and firing a few rounds downrange, you will quickly progress to more complicated drills as you grow more comfortable.

It will end faster than you think, and the hour flew by. Next think you know the instructors giving a quick debrief on things to remember and the next steps to take as you continue on your journey with firearms. The nerves and adrenaline wearing off qucily but National Shooters will leave you with a lifetime experience and knowledge on safely operating and accurately firing a handgun. Whether you already have bought a handgun, are preparing to buy one, or if you’re just thinking about it, the training is money well spent. Peace of mind is invaluable, after all.

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