Meet the car emergency kit for when nature or bad drivers block the road ahead


Meet the car emergency kit for when nature or bad drivers block the road ahead.

“Bad things don’t happen to around here.” Yeah… Uh thanks for the heads up into your fantasy world but simply not having ever been stranded roadside doesn’t mean that we should avoid whats possible. Most of our students leave our basic handgun and conceal carry classes looking to use firearms for self defense in the off chance they might need to, but hope that never happens. The same applies here. Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, I witnessed 9/11 bring an entire city on the brink of chaos, hurricanes shut down critical public infrastructures, a sniper invoke crippling fear in public spaces, snow drifts block major road ways, EARTHQUAKES (new for the area), and the list goes on. We drive a lot here…. and the metro doesn’t work even in good weather. So we should all have a back up plan for staying warm, fed, and getting home.

I escaped these events unscathed as did many friends and family members but some people got stuck with out food, water, transportation, and shelter. Rapid snow fall a few years ago backed up traffic on the GW Parkway for over 10 hours. I sat in my car for 6 hours not moving an inch. I recall watching people walk by me in search of warmth and food since they ran out of gas to keep warm. Oh yeah, and it was 3pm on a work day… I’m sure some of those people wore heels on their ride home wishing for better footing.

So I made my own car emergency kit for when nature or bad drivers block the road ahead. Over the next series of posts I’ll discuss what’s inside in more details and why.

Water filtration with iodine tabs and crypto pills, headlamp and chemlights with spare batteries, fire starting, and a knife:


Packed neatly inside the 1.5ltr Nagene bottle.


And the final kit, all ready to roll includes a full change of cloths, a sleeping pad, emergency blanket, hand warmers, warm hat, warm gloves, three MRE’s, a rain poncho big enough to cover the full kit, and a tarp to use as a shelter in bad weather.


Keep safe!


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