Every Day Carry Gear (EDC) for Conceal Carry and Daily Problem Solving Equipment

Every heard of every day carry (EDC) gear? No? Oh if you’re as much a gear junkie as I am prepare to enjoy this upcoming series. Simply put, its the stuff we carry everyday. Not most of the time but every time we get dressed this gear joins us. Since college my everyday gear load has only increased (beer money and ID, what else?). Now its a Cell Phone, firearm, spare mag, folding knife, flashlight, keys, mini leatherman multitool, my wallet, and finally my wedding ring (also a bottle opener!). Preparation tackles the days problems, from box cutter to dispatching bad guys.

Expect updates on our blog for EDC gear as we find it and drop reviews. For now watch Kyle Defoor, former SEAL and firearms instructor, discuss holsters, belts, and other every day carry gear:



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