Day Time Armed Robbery in Arlington, Crystal City shows Crime Occurs Anywhere at Anytime

Can’t stress enough that “crime occurs anywhere at anytime.” No to be paranoid… but criminals take any target that looks good to them. Distracted pedestrians buried on their iPhones, passengers zoned out on buses, restaurants patrons, drivers pumping gas are all potential targets. Your neighborhood is not immune simply because its never happened before.

Don’t repress your gut feelings about potentially bad situations. If it looks dangerous, cross the street early, turn around, leave, or wait for the next bus, etc. Your safety is worth it. Keep your head up and get some training!

Police say a 37-year-old woman was approached by a man with a gun and robbed of her purse and cell phone. The armed man then handed the stolen items to a second suspect before fleeing toward nearby Eads Park. link to more

Keep safe.

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