Arlington Northern Virgina Concealed Carry Gun Permits on the Rise!

Instructor Lindsey

Instructor Lindsey with openly carrying her conceal carry firearm

Checkout this report on the increased demand for conceal carry gun permits in Arlington, Virginia. National Shooters, of Northern Virginia, takes pride in supporting the law abiding citizen’s desire for a concealed weapons carry permit and self defense training through our basic NRA gun classes and armed self defense classes. From the report:

And it’s not limited to Arlington: “From talking to other Clerks around the region and state, the numbers are much higher,” Ferguson said.

Safe and responsible firearms usage begins with proper gun training classes. The NRA provides the most reputable entry level training programs, that National Shooters pridefully offers to Arlington county residents and the rest of Northern Virginia. Reported by county officials:

Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos said she found the big increase in concealed-carry-permit applications “interesting,” but said there likely would not be a major impact on daily life in the community.

Other than preventing crime and improving public safety! Incorrectly asserting the cause of increased demand, Rep. Moran says:

“This isn’t about security threats, it’s about outside groups like the NRA using scare tactics to boost gun sales” …

Rep. Moran forgets that the increase in firearms conceal carry permits follows the national tragedy of Newton, not any fear tactics of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The citizens seeking armed self defense through conceal carry permits are choosing to defend themselves from the armed criminal element like deranged mass murders, and local violent street crime like this story on the Curtis trail. Taking charge through proper training and education provides the first steps towards a safer community. Unfortunately, Maryland should report the same increase, however, Maryland restricts out handgun carry permits to party loyalists with “good and substantial reason”, which self defense apparently fails to satisfy.

Tight groups Arlington!

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