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Reviews from former students on our basic and advanced shooting classes in the Washington D.C. area.

Review: Elizabeth from Falls Church, VA reviews our Entry Level firearms class, Handgun 101

She writes: I chose this group based on the reviews, and the reviews don’t lie. A 101 course is very helpful in learning everything you need to know about safety, owning a gun, handling a gun, etc. My course was

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A Review of our Handgun 101 Entry Level NRA Certified Class by Brian from Washtington D.C.

Review from our Handgun 101 class from “Brian” from the Washington D.C. area. Thank you Brian for the excellent write up! We look forward to keeping our high standards and supporting the growing community of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. 

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Review of our Entry Level Shooting Class (Handgun 101) by Ivan from Washington, D.C.

Not many people think of Northern, Virginia and the surrounding area as gun friendly. Especially with all the shootings in Washington D.C. (wait guns are illegal there right? Guess not.). Due to the high volume of consumer traffic in Northern

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A Review: Handgun 101 the Beginners NRA Handgun Class by National Shooters

The following review was written by former student Charlie: “Gun class in Northern Virginia,” no wait, “Gun instructional program in Northern Virginia,” better searched  “Beginners Handgun Class in NOVA.” Hold up, does Google know where “NOVA” is? The first time

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A Review on our Armed Self Defense Conceal Carry Class

Virginia has a great conceal carry handgun permit process, its fairly quick and painless when compared to other states (Maryland cough cough). However, being legally allowed to carry a firearm for self defense does not mean you know about deadly

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