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Another great entry level handgun 101 class over the weekend! Looking forward to the shooting session.

Learning the fundamentals of shooting begins in a classroom. Our shooters arrived at 9:00AM this past Saturday for National Shooters basic handgun class which includes the NRA First Steps Pistol program and an introductory session to conceal carry/armed self defense.

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Gun Stores in Arlington, Happy New Year, and New Conceal Carry/Home Defense classes for 2014

Thank You for Continued Business Support A recession still grinds our economy and we know hard work earned your paychecks. Thank you for trusting National Shooters with your firearms training! Many reasons motivated you all to begin learning about firearms,

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Upcoming Tactical First Aid and “System Collapse” Medicine Class

Posting on behalf of a friend and fellow instructor John Murphy of FPF Training who will host the following Tactical First Aid Class at the beginning of next month. Be sure to read the the review on this class:

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Detroit Police Chief admits Armed Resistance Saves Lives. Virginia Conceal Carry Laws Fight Crime Everday

Something we all know but the Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier forgets when discussing gun ownership in the capital city, Armed Resistance to criminal encounters saves lives. She could use a lecture from the Detroit Police Chief who recently

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A Review: Handgun 101 the Beginners NRA Handgun Class by National Shooters

The following review was written by former student Charlie: “Gun class in Northern Virginia,” no wait, “Gun instructional program in Northern Virginia,” better searched  “Beginners Handgun Class in NOVA.” Hold up, does Google know where “NOVA” is? The first time

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Thinking about renting guns in Northern Virginia to purchase your first handgun? Meet the Sampler

No amount of reading or watching YouTube videos will prepare you for shooting a gun for the first time. Nothing, not even this post, can simulate the tactile thrill of putting a pistol in your hand, pointing it downrange, and

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