Thinking about renting guns in Northern Virginia to purchase your first handgun? Meet the Sampler

No amount of reading or watching YouTube videos will prepare you for shooting a gun for the first time. Nothing, not even this post, can simulate the tactile thrill of putting a pistol in your hand, pointing it downrange, and firing. Likewise, no post or YouTube video, can get you to your perfect pistol. The fact is you NEED (not should – NEED) to test drive your pistol before buying. You are, in fact, preparing to drop a hefty portion of your paycheck on a tool which should last you and your children’s’ lifetime. Don’t mess around: Get it right the first time.

You have some options for testing out pistols before buying in Northern Virgina. Firearms stores scatter the area outside Washington, D.C.. And ironically the nation has more guns stores than grocery stores and almost as many gas stations. Some gun stores with attached firing ranges in the Northern Virginia area offer gun rentals that allow you to evaluate a firearm before you purchase. It’s a simple seemingly cost effective option that lets you really take a pistol for a thorough spin before buying. However, there we have some drawbacks:image

  • Cost add up if you want to rent more than one firearm during your shooting session.
  • Rentals do not include basic handgun instruction, you’re out there all on your lonesome testing unfamiliar firearms, enter at your own risk
  • If you pick the gun up and realize it’s not for you immediately, you’re still stuck with the whole rental cost
  • Gun stores will sell you whatever gun your willing to buy (or interested in buying), they don’t care about your intended purpose and unique needs

National Shooters devised a simple fix for this conundrum or problems with just renting guns in the Northern Virginia area. Using their multiple handgun rental package through their program called the “Handgun sampler.” With a one hour range session, Instructor Sean will meet you at the range with five or so handguns running the gamut of pistol options: you will try double action/single action, striker-fired, full-size, compact, steel frame vs polymer, and different caliber considerations . Instructor Sean walks you through each pistol’s unique characteristics, showing you the features that can make or break a pistol choice for your intended needs. And best of all, you then get to put it in your hand and send some lead downrange. More than once a customer comes in thinking he’ll be buying a certain pistol, but leaves with another plan.

    Instructor Sean guides students through evaluating multiple handgun rentals with detailed instruction on each models unique characteristics

Instructor Sean guides students through evaluating multiple handgun rentals with detailed instruction on each models unique characteristics

Any shooting enthusiast worth his salt will tell you the same thing: Test fire multiple handguns before buying! The handgun sampler lets you sample five pistols at once in Northern Virginia right outside of Washington D.C., and Instructor Sean is there with his extensive knowledge to help you along.

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Like always, tight groups!

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