Entry Level Beginners Conceal Carry and Home Defense Classes Scheduled

Major changes in 2014 for our Armed Self Defense training program for learning the basics of conceal carry and home defense. Yes, I know its cold and rainy right now. But lets think happy thoughts… warmer weather and outdoor shooting classes. Wait what!? Yes, shooting outside, as in, not a stuffy dark and gloomy indoor range. We will now host our Armed Self Defense Training day over the course of one day instead of two evenings, at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia. This class will boost students defensive shooting skills and confidence carrying and employing a firearm. Even if shooters do not plan to carry a firearm, this class will aid in defense strategies for home defense as we will practice shooting around common cover structures such as down a hallway or around a building, car, or wall corner. Additionally, students will take part in an Airsoft shooting session to test new skills under more realistic stress.

Armed Self Defense Training Day provides students with a foundation of common everyday criminal threats and effective mitigation strategies, while armed, to reduce exposure and if necessary take immediate legal lethal action. Perfect for shooters with limited firearms experience who seek a structured and safe training program at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia. Students will gain a greater understanding of criminal risk analysis and the basic mechanics of armed self defense for everyday conceal carry or home defense .Link to Full Class Description

This class will better prepare you to physically and mentally prepare to deal with violent criminals, home invasions, and everyday criminal threats. No prior shooting experience  required, this is a beginners class. Rentals available. Schedule below:

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